Koriist's data+network IP and non-IP router is virtualization software that stitches together digital infrastructure and runs on the trusted networks, devices, and systems already in the field. This solution enables incompatible devices and equipment to talk to each other securely over the existing networks, with minimal disruption.

Product Introduction

Stitch™ allows deployed infrastructure to be leveraged to meet current information needs without replacing installed devices and enables the IoT ecosystem entities to connect to, and control, their IoT devices.

  • Networking software that runs on existing equipment
  • Secure protocol-to-protocol converter
  • Overlay routing algorithm that does not require pre-defined network paths

Where To Use Stitch™

IoT Big Data and Analytics applications need information. The problem is connecting the core IP network to non-IP edge networks where 80% of this information lives. Stitch™'s protocol-to-protocol converter makes transport protocols irrelevant to any networked device, quickly ensuring information access regardless of where the data is produced or what wires or waves are used for transmission.


Networks, and the way they move data, are constantly changing. For the average consumer, these changes go largely unnoticed. An email is written in San Diego, and it instantly arrives at its destination in a bicycle courier’s back pocket as she pedals through the street traffic of New York City. To the courier, how the email got there isn’t important. However, when it comes to critical infrastructure, knowing does matter and is complicated because these networks have been continually updated over the years. Multiple platforms from various manufacturers are depended upon to send important documents, measure real-time data, and relay classified information. Does it matter how these networks share and send data? Absolutely. Stitch™ allows each hop to be audited and builds security (read encryption and access control) into the delivery rather than configuring the end points. Instead of upgrading every deployed system to understand these constraints, we can leverage existing security solutions to secure in-transit and quickly address the very large existing security holes.


Today, there is a significant push to enable the “Cloud” and the last-mile surrounding technologies, often referred to as the “Fog”. While new IP networks continue to support the data backbone, Stitch™ presents an opportunity for the most important connectivity between existing non-IP networks on the edge and the data centers that are driving this massive networking revolution. Stitch™ enhances the capabilities of analytics systems by expanding the set of data sources available to them. Stitch™ provides, in aggregate, the key IoT data analytics systems require to find optimzed conclusions as well as the link to manipulate IT/OT systems based on those conclusions.


Stitch™ can be installed on current or new hardware and securely enables different communication networks to interoperate. Stitch™ is uniquely adaptable and highly scalable to a variety of complementary technologies. Application pairings such as analog radio voice and VOIP, legacy electric grid and renewable power, and coaxial security cameras and IP-enabled surveillance equipment can be made to interoperate without having to re-engineer the infrastructure or replace existing hardware or software. By working with the existing infrastructure, Stitch™ reduces or does not require any existing changes, such that your already stable and dependable networks continue to work as expected. The dynamic capabilities mentioned here can be hard-tied to constraints based on bandwidth, reliability, and prioritization as defined by the user to guarantee that the quality of service desired is implemented to utilize the full capacity of the underlying systems.