Use Cases

Getting information from isolated sensors, networks, and systems through typical approaches can require significant effort, cost, and risk. What is needed is a solution to pull (stitch) together information that is currently available but not accessible. We provide a Secure way to enable Dull, Dirty Data Delivery from where the information is produced (the edge) to where it is needed (data analytics). Without Re-engineering the Infrastructure in between.

Where customers use Stitch™

Since the electronic revolution of the 1970s, sensor technology has found its way into almost every aspect of modern, critical infrastructure. From sophisticated, specialized, high definition cameras down to networks of simple, persistent, ground-based systems, dominance in sensor technology is needed to provide competitive advantage for commercial entities and to ensure safety for end-users. However, these sophisticated systems now escalate costs, increasing elapsed time for the technology to reach real world deployments. Complex interconnectivity and interoperability issues are becoming realized threats in the field as we begin to assemble multinets.

Multinets are collections of many different networks and systems from different eras of technology, requiring constant monitoring and adaptive changes to stay useful. These multinets require trained technicians to keep everything running as smoothly as possible because numerous potential problems exist just under the surface. In some cases, specific devices are used in large multinets to transmit data from one source to another, most of the time through multiple systems. Should a problem arise in these devices, data transmission ceases until the issue is resolved. As technology advances, multinets are modified and added to, and when a multinet that has many moving parts encounters an issue, it becomes increasingly difficult to diagnose the problem. The problem is compounded by the additional time it takes to fix the issue, as well as the roadblock impeding the transmission of vital, time-sensitive information. And since it is difficult to ascertain the health of a large multinet made up of multiple networks, problems like these are difficult to avoid. That's why we built Stitch™

Isolated and Vulnerable, or Combined and Vulnerable

Multinets have resulted in two major issues that are becoming apparent as we build the IoT; both in the Industrial IoT and private deployments. On the one hand, there are many isolated systems that cannot talk to each other. On the other hand, when combined, the problem of many networks working together is that there is no way to track data from origin to destination. Knowing this, hackers can easily exploit large companies and military organizations that do not know the status of their systems by either targeting isolated systems that are not being monitored (when isolated) or by getting into a less secure system and hopping across (when combined). Koriist’s Stitch addresses both issues. Three real uses cases are outlined below.

Real World Application: Communications

Modernize operations without modernizing equipment

Problem: People can't talk to each other using new phones/radios when they are away from major urban centers, limiting effective and efficient work force management

Solution: Use Stitch™ to enable new devices to talk over the old communication networks that are already in place, extending the digital cell range to the analog RF zone

Benefit: Enable modern communication in the field without the huge cost of installing or upgrading network hardware and repeaters; avoid the cost of having to replace all existing handsets at once

  • Translate between IP and non-IP data
  • Extend digital cell range to analog RF zone
  • Maintain compatibility with legacy equipment

Real World Application: Water

Unlock cost-savings potential of legacy data

Problem: Sensors on operational equipment generate data that is useful for optimizing operations, but is inaccessible to modern devices and software, requiring expensive equipment upgrades to extract value from under-utilized assets

Solution: Use Stitch™ to deliver the data to be used by modern tools and automatically translate between network protocols

Benefit: Streamline operations with cloud-based or other advanced maintenance and analytics tools with data from old equipment; maximize ROI by adding additional sensors instead of replacing what already works

  • Connect Fog devices to the IoT Cloud
  • Send redundant data to analytics software
  • Create alerts for key sensor data and network disconnects

Real World Application: Power

Minimize risk while upgrading in-place systems

Problem: Critical technologies that are meant to interoperate (ex. OPC Server & OPC Client) cannot talk to each other over distributed networks (ex. Internet, satellites, etc), preventing centralized management and analysis

Solution: Use Stitch™ to bridge incompatible connections without rearchitecting the underlying networks

Benefit: Avoid operational downtime, prevent new security threat introduction and retraining personnel

  • Leverage existing control systems without modification
  • Maintain underlying network configurations
  • Enable access to non-IP data over the Internet